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Futures Office

Futures Office

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Sharon Holden, M.S.Ed, J.D.

School Counselor / Director of Future Planning


phone:  212.627.2812 x. 3081

fax:  212.627.9803

Han Oo, B.S.  
Futures Advisor / NYU College Advising Corps


Google Phone Number: 914-984-7002

Land acknowledgement:  The building in which the Futures Office is located stands on land formerly inhabited and cared for by the Lenape Nation.


At JBS, we recognize that each student’s future is important -- to them, as well as their family, their community, and generations to come.  We know students arrive at JBS with different levels of experience, information, and comfort talking about post-secondary (after high school) options.  We start by building relationships and trust.  We work hard to make sure all students have access to information, opportunities, 1-on-1 support, and endless encouragement.  

We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to attend college if they choose.  We strongly encourage every single student to apply to a full range of colleges so they have a strong plan as they approach graduation.  We also support students with exploring other options, such as the skilled trades, training programs, and service programs.  Our Futures Office has extensive experience with all of these and is committed to supporting each young person through their planning process, including applying for financial aid and scholarships.


See the latest information about what's happening in the Futures Office here​!

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