Student Work

Shelby B. in Math & Social Justice

“It’s not only wrong on Earth, but a bad thing for the universe” Data this piece was inspired by:

  • 56% of toxic waste sites are nearby in is communities of color. This means that there’s People of color are forced to live by pollution (toxic waste sites), living near pollution effects health, housing and people’s ability to live.

  • Black and Hispanic People inhale 56% and 63% excess exposure of air pollution. This means that Black and Hispanic people are literally being exposed to breath in pollution at high rate.

  • People of color has had 95% of their claims denied by the EPA. This means that no one’s granted people of color experiencing unhealthy circumstances and almost everyone has been denied.

original artwork about environmental justice

Yari T. in Origins of Racial Slavery

"I believe that the Origin of Slavery started in Virginia years after the Bacon's Rebellion because rich whites started implementing new laws just for African Americans so that they could divide them from other European servants. This is evidenced by historian Theodore Allen in an article called “The Invention of the White Race'' where he discusses how it led up to African slavery and just how they did it with intent. Rich whites did this because they wanted to maintain social control and feared black and white servants coming together and starting another rebellion."

Climate Change "Six Word Stories"

I rather be cold than warm

Everything we do has some repercussions 

Earth is heating, ice is melting

Glaciers melt, seas rise, cities flood.

Planet will survive, but will we?

Time to listen to Mother Nature!

Virtual New & Retro Bold VOX

"We are grateful and honored to present a selection of the words and works of The JBS community past (since 2012) and present in this virtual, new and retro edition of BOLD VOX.  These are vital, critical times and these voices matter.  We hope you enjoy and are inspired by these pieces of truth, reflection, rebellion, resistance, creation and emotion crystallized in word and image."

Baldwin Vox Icon

Faith S. in Creative Web Design

Feeling hungry?  Faith showcases her love of cooking in her own website.

image from Faith's website

Breanna explains one of the stages of genocide - discrimintation - in her Genocide PSA Poster.  Click on the poster to see a larger image.

Genocide PSA poster

Darius F. in Patterns of Geometry

"Imigongo art is a form of art used with cow dung. It’s a tradition in Rwanda. Imigongo art originated in Rwanda where they used cow dung for art and added colors to it to make it scream out a message. Rwanda cleans cow dung with ash so that it’s less dirty. They also used traditional colors. During the genocide in Rwanda no one was really making imigongo art. Imigongo art shows parts and wholes of shapes and it also shows their reflections and rotations. In the shapes of imigongo art there are lines of reflection shows many sides there are in that shape is how many lines of reflection there will be."  

Student original artwork in the style of Imigongo art

Baldwin Poetry Celebration

Share poems you've written & poems by others that you love! Please credit the poet(s).!